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Films that we probably should have watched... but haven't 

(BUT we probably lied about having seen them anyway)

There are always those films that are such classics, so beloved, so critically lauded that any cinephile or film bod in the industry surely must have seen them. Right? Wrong. Here are a few such films from the Filmbankmedia  friends and staff that prove otherwise. Just don't tell anyone, okay! Perfect for some lockdown vieiwng.

"I can’t quite believe I’ve never seen Gone with the Wind! Enough people have told me I need to catch up with The Big Lebowski and Scarface so we can discuss them that I really have to make time for them now."

- Rob, Financial Controller




"I know, I know, I must be one of the last people in the world to see The Greatest Showman! I’ve somehow missed it so far, but staying cooped with my family for the foreseeable future, I think my teenage sister might try and ‘persuade’ me to watch it!" 

- Sophie, STSL Sales Administrator




"I've *shamefully* never seen any of the Godfather films, or Reservoir Dogs. I really like films with some female protagonists, so even when I go to finally watching these films, I end up changing my mind at the last minute to something I know is more up my street. I've definitely promised my dad every Christmas that this would be the year I'd watch them."

- Rosie,  Marketing & Communications - Cinema For All


"I love Kubrick, and 2001: A Space Odyssey is known to be a one of a kind. Some famous filmmakers brought this film into a discussion we were having and I just couldn’t admit that in front of them – I would have totally lost their respect! While I know I am going to love it I'd ideally wanted to wait to watch it with a live orchestra." 

- Claire, Content Manager



"Lost In TranslationInception and Mad Max: Fury Road are three films that I've not yet had the chance to see. Now I've thought about it, these films are being added to our 'Choose a title' pot! They are obviously huge titles and ones that I have been meaning to get round to watching for a while." 

- Ben, Co-Director, Adventure Cinema



"The Pursuit of Happyness is a film is famous for the incredible true story of compassion and leading with kindness despite all of our struggles which is something we could all do with right now! I also haven't seen Ghost - a classic, iconic piece of cinema which might just inspire me to take up pottery, or at least swoon over Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore!" 

- Erin, Marketing Assistant


"You feel like there are so many films that you should have watched, but for whatever reason they passed you by.  It became a running joke that when The Greatest Showman came out, I only watched it for the first time at one of our screenings, even though we’d programmed it around 50 times that year." 

- George, Managing Director - The Luna Cinema


"I almost feel like I’ve watched Monty Python's Life of Brian due to all of the quotes being constantly used in daily life. Honestly, I felt like I had seen it! I'll definitely take it in now we’re in lockdown for  longer."

- Marie, Marketing Director



"I love Paul Thomas Anderson, but Boogie Nights has always evaded me, for some reason (I was even convinced I had seen it – but I think I’ve just seen many clips). It’s one of Producer Jay’s favourite films, and he’s always hounding me to fill this gap in my PTA knowledge."

- Jaq, Head of Ops & Sector Development - CFA



"I still haven't managed to catch two of Spielberg's most critically acclaimed - Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan - I know... (!) - so I'm going to have to rectify that. I'm finally going to give my Unforgiven DVD a watch, and looking to check out Sunrise - at number 5 on Sight and Sound's Top 250 films list."

- Matt, Digital Ops Executive



"Every time I attempt to watch The Usual Suspects I've always fallen asleep about half-way through. I have no idea why, it's a good film and I was enjoying it... Perhaps when I mature, I  will appreciate it more. *Bows head in shame.*"

- Lea, Senior Marketing Manager




"The classic Rebel Without a Cause has always been on my list but I just never got round to it and didn’t want to admit I hadn’t seen it yet. The same goes for The Shining  - I've always been too scared to watch it but never admitted to that, of course. Until now." 

- Rupinder, Head of Sales




"Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-LeelaBajirao Mastani and Batti Gul Meter Chalu.are 3 Bollywood films  I consider to be essential viewing because they have all been directed by some of the most talented directors in Bollywood. All these titles have ensemble casts, fabulous music and colourful scenes." 

Priyal, STSL Sales Administrator



"I think I've shied away from this Barry Lyndon due to its run time of over 3 hours! It's the only Kubrick I've not seen and as it's in IMDb's top rated movies there's really no excuse anymore. I also need to make sure I finally get round to watching The Deer Hunter and Ran - again, I think length has really proved to be the underlying factor here as both are around the 3 hour mark."

- Anna, Senior Marketing Manager


"I have always felt like I really should have watched The Shawshank Redemption and The Shining. I believe they're classics from their time and key genre films. I grew up watching Bollywood films so the Hollywood content was very limited. Throughout the years these films always pop up so I feel now's the time to watch them to understand why audiences love them." 

- Bal, STSL Sales Executive