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Latest update: In light of the recent Government announcement, we are pleased to announce drive-in screenings can take place from 12th April and outdoor and indoor screenings from 17th May in England only. For all other screenings, please check the latest regulations in EnglandScotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before placing bookings. 

STSL stands for Single Title Screening Licence. This type of licence allows you to showcase films to your audiences on a per screening basis*, and with over 13,000 films to choose from - including content from many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and indie studios and distributors - there will always be something to suit your tastes, whether that be an Oscar winning picture or the latest Sundance darling. Explore our 2020 Screening Inspirations Brochure and discover the films we offer for licensing here. Be it virtualdrive-in, outdoor or indoor screening - we have you covered.

Notice: Warehouse Temporary Closure – DVD/Blu-ray delivery is not available at present. Please book under ‘own copy use’ (sourcing your own DVD/Blu-ray) when placing bookings online.

*With this licence, and subject to approval, customers are able to charge ticket admission and advertise their screenings.

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our brand new streaming service, developed and designed specifically for non-theatrical audiences - Virtual Screening Room! You can find out more about the platform and how to book here.

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Find out more about our 3 for 1 and Minimum Guarantee offers, designed to help with costs and to accommodate social distancing measures and get you back up and running.

The legal bit

Under UK copyright law, screenings films to audiences outside of the cinema or home for entertainment purposes requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (in this case, Filmbankmedia) before doing so. However, this is not inclusive of themed activities which are directly linked to the films (e.g. the use of characters, scene re-enactment, live music performances and any other activities using elements from the film). For more information please contact us before you book your film.


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