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What is STSL?

The Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) allows you to showcase a film from our catalogue in a public setting on a per screening basis.

With an STSL, you may also charge ticket admission and advertise your screenings.

Types of STSL screenings

Our STSL covers both commercial - when an admission fee is charged - and non-commercial screenings.

Our clients include community cinemas, film societies, outdoor cinemas, drive-ins, as well as restaurants and other businesses.

The STSL is designed for non-theatrical settings which means the public viewing of a film outside of the home and 1st run cinema. 

Over 15,000 films available to license

We represent major Hollywood studios, independent and Bollywood distributors.

With so many films available to licence, there will always be something to suit your audience's tastes.

Explore our full film catalogue.

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Note: a refundable £150 holding deposit is required. Read our STSL Account Set-Up Guide for further help.

Once your STSL account is set-up, you can start booking films for your screenings.

STSL pricing

STSL screenings start from £87. Learn more about our pricing.

Need more information?

Read our STSL Frequently-Asked-Questions.

Important information:


Covid-19 important notice: please ensure to always check the latest guidance and regulations from the government in regards to your screenings before placing bookings. All screenings booked with us must be compliant with relevant local and national government guidelines and regulations.

The legal bit

Under UK copyright law, screenings films to audiences outside of the cinema or home for entertainment purposes requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (in this case, Filmbankmedia) before doing so. However, this is not inclusive of themed activities which are directly linked to the films (e.g. the use of characters, scene re-enactment, live music performances and any other activities using elements from the film). For more information please contact us before you book your film.

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