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The Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) allows the screening of films on a Title-by-Title basis to audiences in a range of venues and establishments across the UK. Typical STSL customers include film societies or community cinemas, PTAs, Outdoor Festivals and Art Centres. With this licence, and subject to approval, customers are able to charge ticket admission and advertise their screenings.

Whether indoor or outdoor, commercial (charged ticketed admission) or non-commercial (free of charge to view), film screenings are a great way to bring communities together and offer excellent fundraising and revenue generating opportunities.

To book your indoor screenings, you will firstly need to set up an STSL account with us. Please see steps here.*

For non-commercial screenings, prices start from £83 + VAT per film for indoor and £139 + VAT for outdoor. Please view our Indoor Screening Price List here. For commercial screenings, prices are calculated as a percentage of your total box office: 35% for indoor screenings and 40% for outdoor screenings**.

For our outdoor screening booking process, please visit our Outdoor Screening Events page for more information or contact us directly. Alternatively, visit our Licensing Options and Pricing page for more information.

Filmbankmedia represent many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and Independent film studios and distributors including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures. Click here for a full list of participating studios and distributors for the STSL.

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Themed activities which are directly linked to the films are not permitted. Examples of themed activities include the use of characters, scene re-enactment, live music performances and any other activities that use elements from the film. For more information please contact us before you book your film.

** For special release titles, note that the box office percentage may vary. For more information, please contact us.

'Special Release' (pre-DVD) films - part of our extensive library of movies available for screenings

The most attractive part of the STSL is our ‘special release’ option. You can show a film from as early as 8-12 weeks after the UK cinema release date and before the Home Entertainment release date.

There is also the option to acquire DVDs or Blu-rays for screenings from local retailers, using your own personal collection or use Filmbankmedia’s film distribution service.

Ensure your venue is licensed to screen films

Under UK copyright law, screening films to audiences outside of the cinema or home for entertainment purposes requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (such as Filmbankmedia) before doing so.

Apply now to create your STSL account.

With our Image Bank tool, our STSL clients can download movie posters directly from the Filmbankmedia website for free. 

Simply find the film you need, click on "Download Poster" and register. Once your Image Bank account is activated, you will be able to download approved and official posters to promote your screenings.

For more information about Image Bank, take a look at our Image Bank User Guide.

Filmbankmedia is committed to ensuring the widest selection of content reaches the widest audience possible. Our close relationship with the Film Audience Network (FAN) helps us achieve this goal.

We are proud to represent a rich collection of titles that FAN members may be interested to screen. Take a look at our LGBT titles, youth movies, black cinema, and mental health awareness related films.

And, if you are a CFA member, benefit from our special offer:

No deposit required from CFA members who set up an STSL account with us.

Setting up a STSL Account

Follow our five simple steps to set up an account and start screening films!

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