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The Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) allows the screening of films on a per screening basis. With this licence, and subject to approval, customers are able to charge ticket admission and advertise their screenings. With over 13,000 films to choose from, we represent many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and independent film studios and distributors. Explore our 2020 Screening Inspirations Brochure and discover the films we offer for licensing here, including our Special Releases.

Ensure your venue is licensed to screen films

Under UK copyright law, screenings films to audiences outside of the cinema or home for entertainment purposes requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (such as Filmbankmedia) before doing so.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Themed activities which are directly linked to the films are not permitted. Examples of themed activities include the use of characters, scene re-enactment, live music performances and any other activities that use elements from the film. For more information please contact us before you book your film.

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