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From parks to roof tops, green fields to sandy beaches, the most fabulous and unexpected locations can become the perfect setting for an outdoor or drive-in screening.

Perhaps you could even consider a Cycle-In screening to make your event more eco-friendly? Find out more here.

Read on to book and for more information.

A few things to consider before you license your films with us

Venue & screening equipment

Find the perfect venue and make sure that you have secured the necessary authorizations from your local council.

Don't forget to source the right equipment for drive-in screenings.


A licence fee for outdoor and drive-in screenings starts from £153 (exc. VAT) per screening or 40% of your Box Office return.

You may be asked to submit an advanced payment.

Learn more about pricing here.

Additional licences

For these types of screenings you might also need to apply for additional licensing to ensure all legalities regarding the screening are covered. A few to consider: PRS for Music (PRS), Temporary Events Notice (TEN), Radio Broadcast Licence (SRSL).

Ready to start? Follow our step-by-step guide


First things first, download and fill in a Booking Profile Form if you haven't done so already.

Dependent on the type of screening you are hosting please send your completed form to the relevant email address:

Drive-In screenings -

Outdoor screenings -



While you’re waiting for your booking profile form to be approved take a look at our film selection to help inspire your screening programming. We have over 15,000 so hopefully there'll be something that takes your fancy. Check our catalogue of films to find the perfect title or take a look at our outdoor screening brochure.

Please note: If you cannot the find the film you want, it may be that it is currently on hold. There are some instances in which films become unavailable to license at short notice. In this instance we do apologize. Please check the full list of films on holdback or with special permissions.


  • We will review your booking profile form carefully and contact you if we need more information. Please do allow 3 working days for the review process.
  • Once approved, we will confirm by sending a confirmation email.

FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY - Please see the next step about opening an account with us.


For new customers -

Once you have received our confirmation email you can create an account with us. This is what we call an STSL account.

You will be asked for a £150 deposit which is refundable when you close the account. It takes 24 hours for your account to be verified and approved. You will receive an email of confirmation when done.

For more information about how to create an STSL account, click here.

  • In some instances an advance payment may be applicable.
  • Your approval confirmation email will include details regarding your STSL account with us as well instructions on how to book online. 

Please wait for your licence to be fully approved before promoting your screening.

We wish you and your audience a fantastic event!

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