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About Filmbankmedia

Filmbankmedia represent many Hollywood and independent film studios and distributors licensing film screenings outside the home or cinema.

Filmbankmedia is the trading name of Filmbank Distributors Limited, a joint venture company owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing and NT Digital Partners.

Established in 1986 to handle non-theatrical distribution (public screenings outside of traditional cinema and home viewing) on behalf of a number of studios and distributors in the UK. Filmbankmedia now represents many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and independent studios and distributors in over 100 countries internationally - delivering content to a diverse range of sectors including hotels, trains, buses, schools, film clubs, outdoor screenings and many more.  

Non-theatrical film screening refers to the screening of films outside of the cinema or an individual’s home.

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (the current copyright law in the UK), if you wish to screen a film to audiences non-theatrically you must obtain the consent of the copyright owner or their representatives before doing so. Film copyright ownership is generally held by the film studio or distributor (that has produced the film).

Our Showreel

Films are a way to inspire, educate and gather people together. Whether it is an early release or a well-known classic, we will make it straightforward for you to select and source the film content you require, to captivate your audience at your chosen venue or event. For more inspiration, watch our latest showreel below.

Licensing and services catering to all needs

To enable wider audiences to view their films legally, copyright owners appoint a Non-Theatrical representative (such as Filmbankmedia) to licence screenings in a variety of sectors including schools, community film groups, entertainment venues, public buildings, art centres, museums, libraries, hotels, ferries, trains and many more.

Filmbankmedia offers a selection of licences designed to cater to the application of film for different purposes, from ticketed screenings of 'early release' films (pre-DVD) and screenings at outdoor events to the use of film to create background ambiance in a variety of venues.

In addition, Filmbankmedia licence and distribute film and TV content to organisations within the Transport, Hotel, Maritime and Healthcare sectors, enabling them to provide their passengers, guests, visitors and staff with an exciting entertainment service.

Are you a studio or distributor looking for non-theatrical representation?

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Industry Relationships

Over the past 30 years, Filmbankmedia has cultivated a number of relationships with key organisations within a number of industries, including education, film societies and hospitality.

Participating Studios and Distributors

Filmbankmedia represents many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and independent film studios and distributors, licensing films for non-theatrical screenings.

Holdbacks & Special Permission Titles

From time to time, certain films may need to be withdrawn for non-theatrical screenings or require a special permission for booking. Find out more here.

Delivery, Refunds & Cancellations

Find out more information on Filmbankmedia's Delivery, Refunds & Cancellations policy (full details are available within your licence's terms and conditions)