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Filmbankmedia is an international leader in connecting passengers to entertainment

Filmbankmedia is a one-stop destination for all your passengers' entertainment needs. We provide, curate and service content and offer technology and marketing support across the world. Our portfolio of entertainment includes films and TV programmes from major studios and independent distributors. We also offer games, podcasts and newsstand. We work directly with technology providers to deliver viewing solutions that you need and that are security compliant with the studios. No matter how big, complex or small your requirements are, we are happy to help. Our services are tailored to you and your passengers.

Watch, Play, Listen, Read. Let Your Passengers Choose.


Let your passengers discover the latest hit TV series that everyone is talking about or catch-up on their favourite shows. Filmbankmedia represents a catalogue of thousands of hours of TV programming that covers all genres such as drama, crime, comedy, documentary, daytime, lifestyle, cartoons, games and a lot more.


Filmbankmedia is the proud Non-Theatrical distributor of major Hollywood, independent and Bollywood studios and distributors across the world.

From box office hits, to all-time classics, critically acclaimed movies as well as local productions, Filmbankmedia has over 12,000 films to choose from.  


For those who like to play on the go, we provide a fun selection of HTML 5 games. Popular with audiences of all ages, they include puzzles, driving sports, and educational.


To make your onboard entertainment package complete, offer your passengers an extensive choice of digital publications including newspaper and magazines.

Digital Publications

Delivering Innovative Technological Solutions

Filmbankmedia works closely with leading technology partners to develop and deliver solutions designed to tackle all your onboard requirements.

Thanks to our privileged partnerships with technology providers and studios, we can offer software solutions that ensure security compliant streaming systems.
Enable your passengers to access great content on interactive seat displays or on personal devices whilst onboard via a comprehensive and secure audio / video solution. Learn more about our technology services.

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