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Filmbankmedia has developed a unique, secure, and versatile Digital Delivery System dedicated to servicing the wide variety of Non-Theatrical needs our licensees have across different markets.

We call this system: Filmbankconnect.


Filmbankmedia offers a secure, studio-approved browser-based streaming service for customer-facing systems in the hotel, healthcare, maritime, transport and other sectors. Available as a turn-key system, white-label or integrated into an existing service.

For more information please click here.


If your audiences cannot gather in a physical venue, VSR can help. Choose the film, date/time and we provide a personalised web destination where your audiences can watch a film together virtually. VSR comes with a private chat feature so viewers can socialise before, during and after the screening.

Contact us to inquire about VSR or click here for a single title screening booking with VSR in the UK.


Our STSL customers can organise hybrid events by combining in-person and virtual screening. Hybrid Screening is a great way to increase audience engagement without worrying about venue capacity or location. Learn more.



Coming soon: Filmbankmedia will be able to provide digital files (replacing physical discs) which can be downloaded and screened to audiences offline.

Watch this space!