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International Screening Licence

Filmbankmedia operate in many international territories worldwide (excluding North America and Canada), providing licensing for non-theatrical film screenings in a wide range of markets including outdoor and festivals, theme parks, event organisers, hospitality, community film groups, schools and universities.

Film screenings outside of the cinema or an individual’s home (non-theatrical) generally requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (such as Filmbankmedia) before doing so.

For more information, please contact us via our enquiry form or email

Screenings outside the cinema or home generally require a film copyright licence.

Non-theatrical film screenings can range from indoor events for small, private audiences to screenings at larger outdoor events, irrespective of whether they are commercial (ticketed) or non-commercial (free to view).

The studios and distributors Filmbankmedia represent vary by territory and licensing is subject to studio approval.

International Screening Procedure

Please complete our International Screening Application Form, available to download here and email it to Upon receipt of your application, Filmbankmedia will confirm whether we hold the rights to your requested title(s) in your designated territory and we will provide you with pricing based on the information you have supplied.

Please note international customers will be required to source their own copy of the films DVD/Blu-Rays from legitimate retailers.

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