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The Public Video Screening Licence (PVSL), available on an annual basis, allows organisations to legally screen films and TV programmes to create background ambiance within their premises. Screenings are to be ad hoc and unplanned. If you wish to hold a planned screening, advertise your event, and charge an admission price including donation requests, you will need to be licensed under our Single Title Screening Licence. Typical STSL customers include film societies or community cinemas, PTAs, Outdoor Festivals and Art Centres. Under the PVSL, advertising is restricted to within the licensed premises. The permitted forms of advertising are on internal notice boards and posters within the premises.

The PVSL offers great flexibility and peace of mind, providing you with the legal copyright cover to screen an extensive range of films from many major Hollywood and independent film studios and distributors under just one licence. Typical PVSL customers include education establishments (schools, universities, Into Film), care organisations, retailers and shopping centres, social clubs and places of worship.

Due to changes under Section 72 of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the Public Video Screening Licence now covers the copyright contained within films and TV programmes. If you use television in your organisation to watch films and TV programmes, you will need to obtain a PVSL. For more information about the change in legislation check here. 

Click here for a full list of participating studios and distributors for the PVSL.

DRIVE-IN SCREENINGS - If you are considering drive-in screenings, these would sit under the STSL licensingplease have a read through our guide here*.

SPECIAL RELEASES - Some of our titles are available as early as 8-12 weeks after the UK cinema release date, before they become available for Home Entertainment. You can discover all the benefits of booking with Filmbankmedia here

*special terms apply

Licence Duration

The licence duration of the PVSL is staggered for the Education (primary and secondary schools) and Non-Education sectors. Details of these durations are available below:

The PVSL for primary & secondary schools runs from 1st April to 31st March
The PVSL for all other organisations runs from 1st May to 30th April


Under UK copyright law, screenings films to audiences outside of the cinema or home for entertainment purposes requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (such as Filmbankmedia) before doing so.

Prices start from as little as £132.50 + VAT for an annual licence - for full pricing and payment details please click here. Alternatively, apply now to create your PVSL account.

PVSL Participating Studios

Screen movies from many Hollywood and independent film studios and distributors.

PVSL for the Education Sector

Ensure your schools are legally licensed to show films for entertainment purposes.

PVSL Pricing and Payment

You can procure your PVSL online or download our Application Form

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