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Setting up a STSL Account

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Follow these five simple steps to set up an account and start screening films.


Select the Apply Now option to launch a browser window providing you with access to the Filmbankmedia online bookings system.


You will be asked to complete an online application form providing Filmbankmedia with all the information we require to create your account. You will also be asked to pay a deposit of £150 which is fully refundable upon closure of your STSL account.*

* Subject to Closure of Account process


You will receive confirmation of account approval from 24 hours after your initial account set up (exc. weekends).* After your account has been approved, you will receive your online login details via email followed by a second email containing your Filmbankmedia Welcome Pack.

* Please note depending on your method of payment this timeframe may differ. 


You are now ready to book your first screening! Your Filmbankmedia Welcome Pack contains an STSL Guidelines Handbook, providing you with a full breakdown of how to place your first booking as well as any other questions you might have about how the licence works.


All that remains is for you to select a film to screen! Our extensive film library contains more than 15,000 films with entertainment dating back to the 1920s and spanning all genres and audiences.

Apply Now to set up your Single Title Screening Licence account today!

Outdoor Screening Events

Consider hosting your event outdoors to attract larger audiences

Licence Options and Pricing

Select from a series of booking options to determine your licence fee

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