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Outdoor Screening Events

Organise an outdoor screening this summer

Bring your community together around a film in a unique outdoor setting they will never forget.

Amazing Locations

Parks, roof tops, green fields, sandy beaches. The most fabulous and unexpected locations can become the perfect setting for an outdoor screening.

Over 13,000 Films to Choose From

The choice is yours. From new releases to all-time classics, you are sure to find a film that will delight your audiences. Discover our full content here.

Special Releases

Why not screen one of our "Special Release" films which are available before their DVD release? View our Special Release films here.

Which Licence do you Need?

Our single-Title-Screening-Licence (STSL) covers outdoor screenings. It allows you to:

  • Hold a film screening outdoor
  • Advertise your screening to the general public
  • Screen a "Special Release" film

The STSL is available for both non-commercial and commercial screenings.

Our Pricing

Licence fees for outdoor pricing start from £139 exc. VAT or a percentage of your box office. Licence fees are determined upon receipt of your completed outdoor application request form.

Please contact for more information.

How to Book your Outdoor Screening

IMPORTANT: If your screening involves activities such as live music, please contact us before booking.

1. If you have not already done so, please set up an STSL account first

2. Once your account is set-up, download and complete our Screening Application Form

3. Return your Screening Application Form to

What Happens Next?

We will:

  • Review your application and contact you if we need additional information
  • Seek approval from the applicable Studio or Distributor on your behalf
  • Advise you of the approval status and licence fee
  • Book approved screening onto your STSL account

Please allow up to 10 working days for the application process

STSL Account Set-Up: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow our five simple steps to set-up an account and start screening films!

STSL Pricing Options

Select from a series of booking options to determine your licence fee.

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