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Outdoor Screening Events

Consider an outdoor film screening as part of your entertainment programme this summer!

Outdoor screenings are a great way to bring communities together to enjoy a film and can offer excellent fundraising opportunities through charging audiences a ticket price for viewings.

The outdoor market is one of the biggest growth sectors for Filmbankmedia, with customers typically screening 'special release' (pre-DVD) and cult titles to attract audiences.

Outdoor screenings are most commonly held in environments including festivals, public spaces, gardens, marquees, car parks, patios and on terraces.


The STSL is available for outdoor screenings on a Commercial (where you may charge audiences a ticket price) and Non-Commercial (where your screening is free for audiences to view) basis.


  • Charge audiences a ticket price
  • Hold a film screening outdoor
  • Advertise to the general public
  • Screen 'early release' content


  • Provide screening free of charge
  • Hold a film screening outdoor
  • Advertise to the general public
  • Screen 'early release' content


Please follow the steps below to book your outdoor screening. However, if your screening involves additional activities (e.g. live music), please contact us before submitting your Screening Application Form.

To make a booking for an outdoor screening, you will need to have an active STSL account. If you wish to set up an STSL account, please apply here. Once you have an STSL account, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Complete our Screening Application Form and return it to
  2. Upon submission of your form, we will review your application and contact you if we need additional information
  3. We will seek approval from the applicable studio or distributor on your behalf
  4. We will advise you of the approval status together with your licence fee, to which you agree to proceed
  5. Once films have been booked onto your STSL account, you will receive a booking confirmation via email

Please allow up to 10 working days for approval.

Licence fees for outdoor pricing start from £139 or a percentage of your box office*. Please contact for more information.

*Licence fees are determined upon receipt of your completed outdoor application request form.

Setting up a STSL Account

Follow our five simple steps to set up an account and start screening films!

Licence Options and Pricing

Select from a series of booking options to determine your licence fee

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