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After a successful reception at both Sundance and Berlin Festivals, A Love Song is "a quiet soul-stirrer" (The Hollywood Reporter) finding a warm welcome from a worldwide audience.

SYNOPSIS: The film follows Faye (Dale Dickey, Winter's Bone, Hell or High Water) who stations herself at an idyllic lakeside campsite in the Colorado Mountains – cooking simple meals, retrieving crawfish from a trap, and scanning her old box radio for a station. But Faye is also awaiting the arrival of Lito (Wes Studi, Hostiles, The Last of the Mohicans), a childhood sweetheart she hasn’t seen in decades. When Lito arrives, the two widowed companions spend an evening reminiscing about their lives, losses, and loneliness.

 DIRECTOR: Max Walker-Silverman 

 WRITER: Max Walker-Silverman 

 PRODUCERS: Max Walker-Silverman, Jesse Hope, Dan Janvey    

 TRT: 81 Minutes  

 FESTIVALS: Sundance 2022, Berlin Film Festival 2022 - Panorama section 





A coming-of-age drama in the vein of Stand by Me that centres on themes of friendship, growing up and the underlying apprehension of the future that will follow the last care-free days of summer.

SYNOPSIS: During their last days of summer and childhood -- the weekend before middle school begins -- four girls struggle with the harsh truths of growing up and embark on a mysterious adventure. 

CAST:  Lia Barnett, Lake Bell, Sarah Cooper, Ashley Madekwe, Madalen Mills, Megan Mullally, Eden Grace Redfield, Sanai Victoria 

DIRECTOR: James Ponsoldt 

WRITER: James Ponsoldt 

PRODUCERS: Peter Block, P. Jennifer Dana 


TRT: 87 Minutes  

FESTIVALS: Sundance 2022- Generations Section  



Set against the backdrop of beautiful Montana mountains, this soulful drama is an exploration of the past. Featuring commendable central performances from Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague and carrying an ultimate message of hope.

SYNOPSIS: Two estranged siblings return home to the sprawling ranch they once knew and loved in order to care for their ailing father. 

CAST:  Haley Lu Richardson, Owen Teague, Gilbert Owuor, Kimberly Guerrero 

DIRECTOR: Scott McGehee; David Siegel 

WRITER: Scott McGehee; David Siegel 

PRODUCERS: Scott McGehee; David Siegel; Jennifer Roth 

TERRITORIES:  Worldwide ex US

TRT: 113 Minutes  




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