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Launch Competition: Entourage The Movie Premiere Tickets Winner!

To celebrate the launch of the new Filmbankmedia website, we ran a competition for customers featuring a bumper haul of prizes including two tickets to the Entourage premiere in Leicester Square, London!

The lucky winner was Martin Barlow of The Bishops CofE and RC Primary School. As Martin was unfortunately unable to attend the premiere, his daughter Sarah attended with a friend.

Sarah described her evening for us:

"When we arrived in the West End, we walked down the blue carpet along with members of the press and some people who starred in the film. We walked past Thierry Henry having an interview, and went into the cinema. We were able to watch the rest of the interviews from inside while we waited for the movie to start. Alex Zane came into the cinema, along with the director, writer and the cast of Entourage. It was incredible and the film was brilliant too. Thank you so much for such an amazing evening. The whole experience was amazing."

We're delighted Sarah and her guest enjoyed the premiere and thanks to all who participated in the competition.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Filmbankmedia website for future competitions!