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It is our pleasure to reveal the two recipients of the Innovation Fund 2018.

1st Place: Deptford Film Society

Deptford Film Society is supporting the older audience in their community. As their cinema is in a basement, they are proposing a traveling cinema. They will ensure that the right films are selected by holding workshops with their younger volunteers working with older members of the community and in particular ensuring via local churches that the Nigerian population is catered for. Once titles are selected a monthly travelling cinema will be established.

For more information about Deptford Film Society, visit

Congratulations to Deptford Cinema for the imaginative travelling cinema plans. They have received an award of £3,000.

2nd Place: Serendipity BHM Film Club

Serendipity BHM Film Club plans to host a series of screenings, within the community to encourage an interest in films that are reflective of diverse communities, ranging from leading blockbusters, to independent documentaries. The monthly screenings will take place in different venues, ranging from those at the heart of the African and African Caribbean community to mainstream venues, used by all communities. The project seeks to encourage diverse communities to become more engaged with cinema, and for mainstream audience members to become more engaged with diversity-led cinema; bringing all of Leicester’s communities together.

Congratulations to Serendipity BHM Film Club. They have received an award of £2,000.


The Innovation Fund’s purpose is to support film societies and community cinemas to make a real impact within their community. The Filmbankmedia Innovation Fund is in its 3rd year running. Every year, we receive more applications and see more exciting projects being submitted. We are proud to award two worthy recipients with the sums of £3,000 and £2,000 allowing them to implement their projects.

Don’t forget to apply for the Innovation Fund 2019 which will be launched in January!