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Back to Film Screening Offers

In light of the recent government announcement, we have decided to keep our two Back to Film Screening offers open until 18th July.

We want to keep supporting you the best we can for as long as possible and help you get back up and running.

Both offers apply to all booked indoor screenings taking place between Monday 17th May to Sunday 18th July.

Offer 1: Minimum Guarantee reduction on all indoor screenings

We are reducing our Minimum Guarantee (MG) on Indoor commercial (ticketed) and non-commercial (non-ticketed) screenings, to £70 per screening.

How to book? 

  1. Just book your screenings as usual.
  2. The licence fee on your booking will be updated on your account to reflect the offer within 24hrs.

Offer 2: “3 for 1” offer on all indoor screenings

The “3 for 1” offer applies where you screen the same film at the same venue, on the same day or over a consecutive 3 day period.

For example: If your first screening of Misbehaviour takes place on Monday 21st May, you are also able to show the film a further two times before the end of Sunday 18th July in the same venue.

How to book? 

  1. Just book your 3 screenings as usual online for the same date or input the start & end date if you plan on screening over consecutive days.
  2. Enter PROMO code: in the ‘invoice information’ box, please ensure you enter 3 for 1 to qualify for the offer (example below).
  3. The licence fee on your bookings will be updated on your account to reflect the offer within 24hrs.


Terms and conditions 
The “3 for 1” offer and “Minimum Guarantee” offers are applicable to indoor film screenings booked during the offer period of between 17th May 2021 – 18th July 2021 only. Applicable to the same film title shown in the same venue. Bookings to be made via Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) online account. “3 for 1” offer only valid when promo code is input in the 'invoice information' box on your account. Please note all pricing is excluding of VAT.
Offer excludes titles listed on the Filmbankmedia Special Permissions webpage (e.g. Star Wars, Kubrick etc.), Outdoor, Drive-In and VSR bookings.