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Cinelink is a new portable Digital Media Player using secure encryption technology to allow delivery of more 'early release' films than ever before.

This solution provides access to our digital content library featuring many pre-DVD release films from Hollywood and independent studios and distributors including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and Pathé.

This technology allows automatic download of digital film files several days before your screening and eliminates the need to return DVDs on time.

How much does it cost?

  • Cinelink hard drive unit cost - £1,199* + shipping costs*
  • Annual hard drive support thereafter (post 12 months) - £175* per year
  • New titles encoding costs - start from £295* per title
  • Download costs to Cinelink box - £30*

*All prices quoted exclusive of VAT.

How it works

  • Request a Cinelink Screening Licence by completing our Technology Enquiries form. A Filmbankmedia representative will contact you to talk through your requirements and issue licensing.
  • Upon receipt of your Cinelink device, connect it to a high-speed internet connection via Ethernet.
  • Download your film files to the Cinelink days before your show date.
  • Track the progress of the download and test the film at least one day before your screening.
  • Connect your Cinelink device to your projection set up.*

* HDMI projector (HDCP certified) required. Surround Sound through HDMI output.

Technology Enquiries

Please contact us with any technology requirements you may have.