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Drive-In Screening Proposal Form

As we are receiving a high volume of enquiries about drive-in screening proposals please help us to process your enquiry / proposal more efficiently with a breakdown of your proposed 2020 screening(s) in the form below. This will then go direct to our sales team with all the information they need in order to assist you further. Please allow 10 working days for your application(s) to be processed.

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Due to the high-volume of requests, you may experience some delays receiving communications on the status of your applications. Extra staff has joined our team to help but please bear with us while we are working as quickly as we can. Allow up to 10 working days for your application(s) to be processed.

Please ensure that your event is carried out in accordance with all applicable and up to date Government regulations and guidelines. You may wish to refer to the UK Cinema's Guidelines for Drive-Ins and Outdoor Cinemas as a helpful guide.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.