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Nottingham Women's Centre


Nottingham Women’s Centre is a unique hub for women, running a regular programme of personal well-being, basic life skills courses, physical and other activities as well as offering specialist support for women in need.

The team plan to use this funding to launch a regular Nottingham Women’s Centre Film Club with the goal of giving women access to a range of free film screenings at their safe, women only space.

This would further their goal of raising awareness of the centre amongst new groups, attracting new women to the Centre to help become familiar with the space and what they have on offer, also providing an activity for mums/guardians and kids during the school holidays which can be an isolating time.

The film club ran their first screening early in the year with Watch & Create and a screening of Inside Out.  This involved mothers and children creating craft activities relating to Disney's beautiful film about emotions. This included the creation of memory balls including pictures of things that made them happy, sad, disgusted etc., glasses/ masks with coloured lenses for different emotions - in line with those featured in the film - and 'brain hats' where they would draw their favourite things.

The event provided a brilliant opportunity to bring the children together:

"It’s very good, more than what I expected. My daughter and son rarely could enjoy doing something together, but today both of them are having fun. The kids wanted to come."

"Very good! It’s good to see lots of people supporting and I have a good break. The kids like both the craft and the movie."

Upcoming events later in the year: 

  • Watch & Debate: Screenings and facilitated discussions based around issues present in the films to be held on weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons to enable participation of working women.
  • Planned films: These will focus on complex, multidimensional female lead or leads, include and celebrate diversity, for example: Booksmart - a film with a female director Olivia Wilde that celebrates female friendship with an LGBT+ lead character and Captain Marvel - a female co-director with a female lead and a story centered around female friendship.