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Filmbankmedia Innovation Fund 2020

Electric Theatre Cinema (2016 Recipient)

Electric Theatre Cinema (2016 Recipient)


The Innovation Fund aims to encourage film societies and community cinemas to deliver initiatives that secure the growth of their organisation and to make a real impact within their community through the medium of film.

The Innovation Fund can be used to launch projects such as special film screenings for senior or youth groups, film workshops, marketing initiatives or educational programmes in local schools and more.

£3,000 for the first recipient and £2,000 for the second recipient.


Any film society or community cinema registered in the UK can apply. Your organisation should demonstrate a commitment to screening a diverse range of programming from Hollywood, independent and foreign distributors.


To enter into the 2020 application process, please complete the application form available here. Please note no other forms of entry will be accepted.

All Entrants will be asked to submit their plans of how they would use funding to affect real engagement within their community. This information will be requested in the form of the following criteria:

  1. Project Overview
    We will ask Entrants to provide an overview of how they would use the Fund in a project (“Project”).
    (Maximum number of words - 300)
  2. Project Rationale 
    We will ask Entrants to explain the purpose of their Project, why their Project is required in order to drive interest and expansion for their society/cinema in their local community, the desired outcomes of the Project and how their Project will achieve these.
    (Maximum number of words - 1000)
  3. Your Plan
    We will ask Entrants for a brief plan which might include their budget and marketing ideas. The Project must be commercially viable – the financial support provided should be sufficient to deliver the Project.
    (Maximum number of words - 1000)

    Note: please prepare the plan with a budget of £3,000 but please keep in mind that you might need to cut this spend to £2,000 if your film society or community film group receives the second disbursement.

  4. Project Timeline
    We will ask Entrants how long they believe their Project will take to deliver (which should be no later than 1st September 2021) and the key benchmarks within your timeline that you aim to achieve. Your project must be delivered by 1st September 2021.
    (Maximum number of words - 200)

A panel of independent judges will review each application and determine the first and second recipients of the Innovation Fund. The funds will be awarded at the Cinema for All Conference on 20th-22nd September 2019. Four complementary tickets will be provided to each recipient.


• All applications must be submitted by 19th July 2020
• The recipients will be notified by 8th September 2020
• The funds will be awarded at the Cinema for All Conference on 19th September 2020
• Your project must be completed before 1st September 2021

Entry Requirements and Terms & Conditions

Find out more information on entry requirements, how to apply and terms and conditions of the Innovation Fund.

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