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Special Notices: English Schools

Over the past few years Filmbankmedia has worked closely with the Department for Education in England to simplify the way in which film copyright licensing is acquired and paid for by schools and academies.

In April 2014, an agreement was made with the Department for Education acquiring film copyright licensing on behalf of state maintained schools in England, enabling them to lawfully screen films from studios and distributors participating within the PVSL scheme for entertainment purposes to their students on a non-commercial basis (without charging).

If you are a state-funded English school, the Department for Education has already procured a PVSL on your behalf.

State-funded English schools

Prior to screening films in your school, please check with your Local Authority to confirm whether the Department for Education has acquired a PVSL on your behalf.

Please note, as the Department for Education has acquired licensing on a national level, schools will no longer receive a licence certificate or an annual invoice. However, all schools will still be required to submit a report on a quarterly basis detailing the films screened in their school.

PVSL Pricing and Payment

You can procure your PVSL online or download our Application Form

Quarterly Reporting Form

All PVSL holders must submit reports on a quarterly basis detailing the films screened in their venue or premises.

Contact CEFM

If you are a primary or secondary school and wish to get in touch, please complete this contact form and CEFM will be in touch shortly.

Good news! Our PVSL covers Into Film account holders and the use of Into Film+ Premium.

Into Film+ Premium is a legal platform for state funded English schools to stream over 500 new release and classic films, documentaries and TV programmes in classroom and extra-curricular settings for free. Built in partnership with teachers, Into Film+ Premium brings learning to life, providing curriculum-linked content and resources that support learning outcomes for pupils aged 5-19.

Into Film+ was created in partnership with Filmbankmedia. We are also Into Film’s principal content*, licensing and streaming technology provider.

For more information, please visit

* Filmbankmedia's content is covered by the PVSL. Other copyright licences and permissions may be required ​for alternative screenings of content.