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Case Study: BazePort

About Baze

Baze Technology is the developer and provider of IPTV system BazePort Infotainment.

BazePort IPTV is tailor-made for the complicated and specific demands of the maritime industry.


The challenge

Baze needed a strong multi-language entertainment offer that would always stay fresh and diversified to be compelling and exciting for crew members working on vessels such as ferries, merchant & supply vessels, and oil rigs.

Our solutions

1. Diverse and plentiful: since 2018, we have been licensing and delivering a strong entertainment package to Baze made of a curated selection of premium titles including blockbusters, new releases, documentaries, all-time classics, TV series, and foreign titles. The films and TV series come from Hollywood studios as well as mini-majors, and independent distributors.

2. Monthly refresh: the package is refreshed monthly with titles carefully selected to appeal to BazePort IPTV audiences.

3. Multiple languages: titles are delivered in multiple languages and are either subtitled or dubbed.

Full account management and marketing support

Our teams work closely with Baze to ensure that all their needs are met in terms of content, formats, timeframes, language requirements and marketing.

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