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Filmbankmedia is able to licence a range of critically-acclaimed, ‘issues-led’ TV series for use as learning and teaching resources across multiple industries. The following are a small selection of titles available. To licence any of the titles listed and for pricing information, please contact us

Michel Roux’s Service

Two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux Jr. mentors eight young candidates in the art of good service in the hospitality industry - the theatre of service, matching food and wine, team work, discipline and coping with pressure. This fantastic blue print for those in the Hospitality industry striving for excellence in service can be used as part of a formal teaching session or discussion group as well as a reference source for students and staff. For more information and prices, please contact us

The Young Ones

Drawing inspiration from Dr Ellen Langer’s pioneering 1981 Harvard University ‘Counter Clockwise’ study, six well-loved celebrities of the 1970/80s turn back the clock to live, work and eat in a 1975 ‘bubble’ in an examination of the psychological and physiological effects of re-introducing them to their heyday. The BAFTA nominated series is an excellent learning resource for those working with the elderly in the care community and those studying Sociology, Psychology and medicine. For more information and prices, please contact us

Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts

Six young fashion addicts swap their UK lives for the sweat shops of India. Trading high street shopping for backstreet workshops, this emotional and insightful journey leads them to question the true price of disposable fashion and its place in modern society. This BAFTA-nominated series offers an honest portrait of those working within the Indian garment industry and seeks to encourage Western consumers to question the morality at the heart of consumer society. For more information and prices, please contact us

Other content available includes:

  • Baby It’s You (A Babies World): Major award-winning series which takes you inside a baby’s world, revealing the processes behind the transformation from a helpless organism to a walking, talking, thinking human.
  • The Genius of Design: The story of design from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, from the accidental birth of design as a by-product of the ‘division of labour’ to the central role it now plays as we grapple with issues of over-production, consumption and the environment.
  • The Great Estate: The Rise & Fall of the Council House: Michael Collins charts the rise and fall of the council house, from its beginnings under the auspices of the London County Council in the early 20th century to its demise eighty years later.
  • The Genius of Photography: See some of the most famous photographs ever taken and find out more about what made them so very special.
  • Child Genius: Child Genius charts the experiences of Britain's incredible children over the coming years, as they come to terms with their gifts and figure out their place in the world.
  • Ancient Egyptians: A hi-tech, high budget combination of drama, feature film special effects and in-depth historical research brings to life the true stories of real people who lived thousands of years ago, at the heart of the ancient world's greatest civilisation.
  • Cleopatra: Dramatic reconstruction and testimony from the world’s leading experts sheds new light on Antony and Cleopatra’s story revealing the political underpinning of the great romantic tale we all think we know.
  • Rosemary: Castle Cook: Celebrated chef Rosemary Shrager takes six ordinary people and in just one week, turns them into great cooks. It’s not easy – this isn’t a holiday and Rosemary soon kicks them into shape!

To enquire about any of our series available under the FDLR licence as well as pricing, contact us

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Annual licence for acclaimed, ‘issues-led’ TV series for use as learning and teaching resources

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