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DVDCL Pricing and Payment

The DVDCL is perfect for small hotels, guest houses, pubs with rooms and B&B’s who wish to offer films to their guests. The DVDCL can cost from as little as £20 + VAT per room per year and is calculated based upon the following parameters:

  • the number of rooms in your guest accommodation property
  • whether your property is open seasonally (8 months or less) or annually (all year round)

Please note all films must be available for your guests to view free-of-charge in their rooms only. Should you wish to charge for film screenings, please visit the STSL section.

Annual Licensing Fees

Licence fees for properties offering films: £30 per room + VAT

Seasonal Licensing (8 months or less) Fees

Licence fees for properties offering films: £20 per room + VAT

For more information please contact us at

DVDCL Participating Studios

Screen movies from many Hollywood and independent film studios and distributors.

Quarterly Reporting Form

All DVDCL holders must submit quarterly reports detailing the films screened in their premises

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