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International Transport

Filmbankmedia distributes film and TV entertainment to the transport sector (including Buses, Coaches and Trains). Working directly with train and bus operators, manufacturers and key technology providers, Filmbankmedia’s extensive range of films and TV series offer passengers a fantastic choice of entertainment, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Under copyright law, the screening of a film to audiences outside of the cinema or their home for entertainment purposes generally requires a licence from the copyright owner or their representatives (Filmbankmedia) before doing so.

Wireless Content Streaming Systems

Through wireless content streaming systems, transport operators and equipment partners can provide a comprehensive and secure audio/video solution, enabling passengers to access content on interactive seat displays or on personal devices whilst onboard.

Filmbankmedia works with technology partners who develop software solutions to ensure the streaming systems are security compliant for studio/distributor approval to allow content to be shown.

Entertainment on the move

Filmbankmedia work with Transport Operators to enhance their customer experience through engaging film and TV entertainment.

  • Increase passenger satisfaction with an on-demand film and TV entertainment experience
  • Access an extensive range of movies and TV content - all genres for all ages
  • Introduce new revenue streams through premium content
  • Deliver a value-added service that compliments existing on-board entertainment and Wifi products
  • Connect with technology providers and integrators

Participating Studios and Distributors

Filmbankmedia represent many of the leading Hollywood, Bollywood and Independent film studios and distributors, including 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros., in over 100 countries and territories. Rights vary by territory and licensing is subject to studio approval. To find out more information on your territory, please contact us

Delivering Innovative Technological Solutions

Filmbankmedia develop and deliver technology products and services designed to tackle the requirements of key customers groups within selected markets

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